Lifelong Learning

Why Lifelong Learning is a quality observed at every successful individual

The hunger to learn is something that I observed in every successful individual. They always look to improve their performance by lifelong learning, in some cases not as we traditionally learn, they do it in ways that for others may look unfamiliar. Also, they are willing to unlearn things that just keep space in their head and not serving them anymore.

The way you learn can be very different, like:

  • Taking courses on unfamiliar subjects
  • Read, create a list of books with the purpose of expanding your mind.
  • Youtube Tutorials
  • Learn by error 
  • Speaking with other people about some topics that are not very well-known by you.
  • Podcasts
  • Many more other methods to learn

All of these will have a contribution to your thinking outside the box and grow capabilities. Each one of us can have a different way of learning and understanding. Howard Gardner had some subjects about what intelligence is. The IQ tests are a very limited tool for intelligence analysis, and we as humans have many kinds of intelligence.

Thomas Armstrong’s definition of intelligence

the ability to respond successfully to new situations and the capacity to learn from one’s past experiences

which means your actions will make sense, given the circumstances. Is not about how big was the IQ test level. Let’s say in the past you did something that was not familiar at that time and you received negative feedback, you created some limiting beliefs about yourself. If you want to do something you have to learn it, and you need to find the best way to learn that fits you, it doesn’t need to be hard and you don’t have to suffer learning.

  I think people can learn more by reframing the information through their unique way of seeing. We need to learn from kids, watch how exciting and fun is for them. Even when they start to walk, after a few steps they fall down, they don’t quit they keep trying and soon they run. NEVER lose the enthusiasm for doing something.

Lifelong learning is the continuous, willing, self-motivated hunt of information or knowledge for personal and professional reasons.

It is certain that is a necessity for everyone competing in today’s times of growing globalization, advancing technologies etc.  By learning, you get a bigger sense of who you are, what you have to give, and what you’re able to achieve.  Whether focused on topics of personal or professional expansion, curiosity and learning can lead to a more fulfilling and multi-dimensional life. 

Self-learning enables you to have control over the speed and way of learning. Online learning platforms (such as Linkedin give fee-based courses on different topics intended to help people reach their own and professional goals.

Do not confuse knowledge with lifelong learning.

Learning relates to behaviour in action, truly replicating what you absorb as information and convert into behaviour.

Knowledge is the result of reading something making additional research and talking it with friends who share something they know as well, so what is now discovered has more depth.

Wisdom, means knowledge in action, suggesting that you have learned the details, searched in-depth, and practised using it until it has become effortless doing it. You can now reach all you’ve learned without conscious effort and you can stay curious enough to continue to learn. You can practice all you know and experiment in different situations. Over time, this wisdom will become mastery.

 Have the confidence and all the experience of someone who masters something, united with the enthusiasm and desire of a beginner. When you look at familiar struggles with new questions and open-minded, mastery occurs.

Lifelong Learning Head

Being coachable is a lifelong learning quality

When you’re trying to get something new, hiring a coach can be the quickest path to mastery. 

It’s your thinking limiting if you say you are stuck. We own fixed beliefs based on events from the past by which we judge new circumstances and react in expected ways. A coach will assist you to cut a path through your preconceptions. Having the right coach and staying coachable is equally necessary. 

Being coachable means being open; being in a moment that feels, sounds, and looks like, a moment you have lived many times before and see it with new eyes, listen with new ears, and feeling it in new ways.

You have to be ready to ask yourself what you haven’t experienced yet. You need to accept the fact that what you already know is a little volume of all that’s possible, doesn’t matter how much information you think you have, you are not coachable and you will continue where you are: stuck. 

 Learning only appears if you surrender your fixed reality and preconceptions. The biggest obstacle at learning can be determined in two words: I know. When you say them, all learning terminates. 

A friend of mine started coaching feel free to have a look at:

10 of the habits of lifetime learners

  1. Attend courses, online or offline – good opportunities to meet and connect with clever people and learn from them.
  2. Have different passions, by practising more skills you give yourself an advantage over the others.
  3. Challenge themselves with goals, Some research found out that practising goals will increase the performance of someone.
  4. Not scared of change, a whole change can produce incredible good results.
  5. They leave the comfort zone. Every time you get out of your comfort zone, despite whether you will win or fail, you will discover something new.
  6. They are not lazy, they don’t make excuses. They just get things done.
  7. Intellectually curious. They look at life as a constant learning journey.
  8. Not scared of failure, they see a failure as an opportunity to fix a weakness they have that they just discovered.
  9. They try to focus on staying ahead of others, they know that knowledge has a short life and only by continuously learning can stay ahead.
  10. They stay open to new people and new ideas.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” — Steve Jobs

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