Increase Creativity - 20 ways
Creativity is the use of imagination to create new and improved inventions. It requires a lot of work. It is not about working hard but working smart in all aspects. Every person has natural creativity that most of the time, require a little push to be unleashed. Many artists: Musicians, Read more
Lifelong Learning
The hunger to learn is something that I observed in every successful individual. They always look to improve their performance by lifelong learning, in some cases not as we traditionally learn, they do it in ways that for others may look unfamiliar. Also, they are willing to unlearn things that Read more
Time Management
Almost everyone across the world has had problems with time management which have significantly impacted their productivity. If you are one of them, you must be dumped various time management techniques to improve productivity. Adapting effective time management skills does not necessarily have to do with working on the highest Read more
Self Confidence
Increase Your Artistic Self-Confidence How often do you compare your work with the fantastic job other people are doing or posting on social channels or specific websites, and then you don't like your work anymore and feel terrible?  It can happen to all of us to only like two of Read more
In this part I will do the acoustic project for an empty room. NOTE: I recommend you to read my first parts of the post. Studio Acoustics part 1/3 and Studio Acoustics part 2/3 For measurements of the room, I used Room EQ Wizard Software and Behringer ECM8000 Omnidirectional Measurement Read more
We Finished the first part of Studio Acoustics talking about Schroeder Frequency and why we need to calculate it. In this part, I want to talk about Absortion Materials Diffusion and Reverberation. Absorbing materials and elements are widely used in the acoustic treatment of rooms, especially the ceiling when you Read more
In this Multi Parts Post, I will try to help you build the acoustic of your room. I will start with some theory of acoustic and then I will take an example and build the acoustic from zero to an empty room. I will also share the excel calculation sheet Read more
Overcoming your weaknesses and the ability to control feelings despite temptations to abandon it can be defined as self-discipline. Having goals and dreams to chase is the only way to get somewhere in life. There are many principles of success developed over time but this one skill will make you Read more
What is Flow? For example, kids can get so wrapped up in what they do that sometimes it takes a lot of persuasions to make them switch their attention. For young children ability to focus comes very natural, but it can be a challenge for the rest of us. We Read more