Improve your life with Self-Discipline

Overcoming your weaknesses and the ability to control feelings despite temptations to abandon it can be defined as self-discipline. Having goals and dreams to chase is the only way to get somewhere in life.

There are many principles of success developed over time but this one skill will make you achieve great things and you will be surprised by what you are capable of reaching this is called self-discipline. Every successful person no matter if is an artist a sports player or a businessman talks about how self-discipline is one of the fundamental element in the journey to success.

Self-Discipline is often confused with being harsh on yourself, restricted in life, or being limited, but I think it is an inner strength that you can control your actions and reactions. 

You will keep on going when you face hard situations and will make you get through bad times easier. 

Will help you overcome addiction laziness and procrastination. A disciplined individual is a master of his patience and he can see the big picture rejecting temptations pleasures and gratifications that come across his way in favor of greater achievement. To overcome many obstacles in life you have to be persistent and perseverant and this requires discipline.

When you start to be more self-disciplined your self-esteem and confidence will be much higher and that will keep you a happy person. If you don’t feel like waking up early to start working on your goal in life then you will never will. You jump out of bed not just because YOU HAVE to, but because YOU WANT to and this makes the difference between successful individuals and unsuccessful ones.

Self-discipline is a skill, a habit, a practice, and a way of life. Understand your purpose in life and try to be aware of your undisciplined actions, stick to your decisions, be clear about your goals, discover which are the steps you need to take, and what you need to get there. If you need to learn a new skill then start learning and accept that you will do mistakes on the way, its part of the process of learning. 

Write your goal and your plan step by step, your plan is your blueprint. 

You are halfway there if you believe in yourself.

  Stephen King has written about 50 novels and 200 short stories some of them were made into Hollywood movies like Carrie, The Shawshank Redemption, Misery, The Green Mile, and The Shining.

What he credits is self-discipline on writing 10 pages a day no matter what, including public holidays and even birthday. What he does is cutting himself off the outside world with o interruptions until he reaches his daily goal.

He doesn’t believe in writer’s block calling it an excuse, and nothing more than a lack of motivation to write. ( We can compare this with any other art like music producing etc). He also says that when we do not feel motivated to work self-discipline needs to step in. He explained that maintaining discipline is an emotional struggle that for long periods he had to push through even though he felt miserable. It can be that sometimes you have to do what you most of your time LOVE doing it it just because it has to be done to get closer to your goal.

Having the discipline to push through day after day even when you don’t feel motivated is what will make you great for lasting decades like Stephen King in his field. 

King’s example might be extreme, but try to keep a balance with your health and energy levels so you don’t go into overload and fail.

Improve your self-discipline skill and from a dreamer, you will shortly become a doer. Would be nice to have a world with more dreams and people who make them real.

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