Increase Creativity - 20 ways

20 Easy Ways To Get Your Creativity Work in Your Favor

Creativity is the use of imagination to create new and improved inventions. It requires a lot of work. It is not about working hard but working smart in all aspects. Every person has natural creativity that most of the time, require a little push to be unleashed. Many artists: Musicians, producers, painters and writers have flourished because of their high creativity level. Others have failed to progress in their careers because of the lack of creativity. As an artist, you need to think and see beyond what others can’t. To be creative, you need to get out of your comfort zone and look at the world from a different perspective.

Here are ways to help you unleash your creative potential.

1. Take A Different Turn

Taking a different turn can seem overwhelming. It’s like switching from using your right hand to your left or vice versa. However, this might be the start to unlocking your full imagination. Yes, you will face many challenges, but the failures will sharpen and push your brain to the limit. Your brain will, in turn, automatically develop solutions to deal with the challenges. Before you know it both your right and the left hand will start working in sync. What does this mean for you? This means better and improved strategies or ideas.

2. Blindfold Yourself

Blindfolding yourself triggers all the senses to work together. The brain connects more intimately with the environment to compensate for the lack of visuality. To enable you to see the world through hearing, smell and touch. Imagine what you can see or create in your world of imagination. You will be surprised.

For example, If you are a painter, take your brush, paints and board and start drawing what your imagination can see.

Practise makes perfect. The painting might not seem impressive at first, but it can trigger something new.

3. Carry A Pen And A Paper Or Notepad

How many times have you had a discovery but couldn’t remember the details moments later? An idea pops into your mind, and you immediately rush for a pen and start writing down? Or a beat comes to your mind, and you run for your phone to record it before it vanishes? These flashing ideas are sparks to creativity. Write them down or register immediately and don’t assume that you will remember later. This way, as you go on with your activities, the brain continues to process the information and mould it to something valuable.

4. Meditate

Meditation is one way to inner peace. When the heart is at peace, the brain is free. Meditation silence the overcrowded thoughts that have been playing in your mind the entire day and relieve stress. For this reason, the mind becomes creative. It also helps your brain to tie loose ends to ideas and create solutions to problems while relaxing. When you go back to your work, you have fresh eyes and come back stronger. As an artist take breaks in between work to refresh your mind because even the brain needs rest.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential for mental and physical health. It allows the brain time to sort, process and store all the day’s information. It will help if you let your brain rest so that when you wake up, you are refreshed and can think of new ideas. There are many times you find yourself trying to think while tired and sleepy, but nothing comes to mind. But only bits of ideas with no direction. This is because your brain has reached the limit and can’t be pushed further.

6. Jeopardy Style Reading

Jeopardy-style reading unleashes your creativity through questions. Take a novel, you enjoy reading, and as you proceed reading, ask yourself questions to arouse curiosity such as:

What happened next? Who killed the victim? What are they going to do to her?

Such questions require answers, meaning you have to be creative. This way, you come up with your advanced theories. It also jogs your memory to think beyond.

7. Listen to Music

Listening to uplifting music boost morale and improves the brains thinking. Some people work best when listening to sad or happy music while others don’t. However, it would help if you did what works best for you. If music distracts your thinking, then work in silence, if it improves your thinking capacity, embrace it. Also, know what type of music gives you a flow and which one jumbles your brain. Music that does not flow with you divides your concentration into trying to figure out the music and trying to concentrate on your work.

8. Give Criticism

Browse the internet for other producers, painters or musicians art galleries and make some critics. Listen or watch each of them, if you see something you don’t like then ask yourself why? What would you have done better to improve the taste? If you see something you want, also ask yourself why? What makes it a great piece? What can you do to reach your maximum potential as an artist?

Critics give insight into your work and ways to improve your creativity. It does not mean the other artists’ work is terrible, but their perception of the world.

9. Get Ideas from Friends

Sometimes let your friends listen to your work and critic you. Your friends can give you an immediate response to improve your creativity. Additional adjustments to the flaws can help you come up with better solutions to the problems.

Also working as a group with your friends help you come up with winning outcomes. If you combine the minds of the different creative artist at the studio, you maximize the potential. Listen to everyone’s suggestions and try it out and pick the best, then improve it.

10. Perform Hearing Exercises

The ear is also a source of creativity. What you hear from the surrounding can spark an idea from your mind. Know what effect various type of sounds has on your emotions. The hooting, Screeching, birds singing or thunder, crying.

Creativity - Hearing

What do these sounds remind you of? If Screeching sounds remind you of an accident you witnessed, then it surely must make you sad. Why not create beats or a song based on the emotions you feel at that moment. Take advantage of each moment and experience.

11. Visual Exercises

Just like in auditory exercise, use what you see from the surrounding to create your imagination. Can you judge the images you like and the ones you don’t? But further, ask yourself why you want or don’t like the pictures and what makes them different from the rest. This jogs your brain to think deeper and create a better idea. Use that perspective to create something entertaining for your listeners and viewers.

12. Let The Song Guide

Songs provoke emotions in people. Some pieces can either make you happy, sad, nostalgic. Listen to the music style and let it guide you.

For example, soul music may bring about sadness, rock, on the other hand, is exciting and happy music.

Whichever songs make you happy or feel good to listen to it because it can unlock your creativity, songs carry great messages with it and can help you become a good artist.

13. Play By The Ear

When you listen to the music by the ear, you capture every note. You can end up making something new from the original. If you cannot do this, you can play an instrument as you listen to music or notes. By doing this, you might end up realizing something new.

14. Language Practice

Language practice is essential, especially for writers. The exercise will help you expand your vocabulary and improve your communication sometimes finding the right words to describe something can be difficult. As an artist, the more you practice, the better it becomes for you to express your feelings.

15. Free Style Writing

Freestyle writing involves writing without any restrictions. Take a pen and a paper and choose to write anything on a specific topic. Write anything that comes to your mind. There are no rules here only a free-spirited artist. Go deeper by putting yourself in place of your character to explore the emotions further. Try not to overthink and let your spirit go wild. This will arouse your curiosity and improve your creativity.

Another way to freestyle is doing tactile exercises like dipping a finger into the paint and start drawing on a piece of paper aimlessly. This will stimulate your imagination and creativity, and you end up creating something original and useful.

16. Challenge Yourself Regularly

Once you develop the necessary creative skills, regularly challenge yourself to difficult tasks. Start from a more straightforward task as you proceed to difficult ones. Also, you can improve your creativity by shifting from using one instrument, paint, brushes and diversify. This new approach will make your curiosity to become creativity.

17. Find An Inspiration

Inspiration is essential, for it ensures you regularly stay focused. Find something that gives you motivation such as your favourite music, best actor or actress, read a book or travel to a new destination. If taking a walk or taking a dog for a walk improves your creativity, then embrace it.

Also, you can find yourself a creativity guru to help you stay motivated. The creativity expert can give you advice on what to do and what to avoid. This person can also help you stay motivated and not to lose focus. A mentor can also introduce you to other people in high places. Find yourself a motivation that works best for you.

18. Fight Fear of Failure

The first step to fighting fear of failure is creating confidence in yourself. Learn to cherish what you have achieved and what you are about to achieve. It customary to fail, and through that failure, a lesson is learnt, and you will make better decisions in future. It is also crucial for you to know that mistakes are a part of the process.

19. Collaborate With Other Artist

Collaborating with other artists can help you boost your creativity. Many people think they can solve every problem on their own at all times. But it is good to talk to someone else and allow them to give you the best solution to the problem. When people collaborate, they end up coming up with the best solution and more robust performance.

Collaboration helps to relieve stress because it makes one feel like a burden has been lifted off their shoulders. After that, you can be able to think straight and therefore improved creativity.

20. Look Into History

Sometimes you need to take your time and look back at what their artist s before you were doing. It might be what you need to kick off your creativity. Study them more in-depth and find out what made a specific type of artist popular than others. Ask yourself questions like:

Has there been a repetition of the same songs?

What was great about their type of music?

Is there anything you can do to improve their music?

After asking yourself such questions now go ahead and create something unique from the original.

As an artist, it vital for you to be creative to succeed in your career. The above ways will help you through your journey to creativity. Many artists have failed in various fields because of their lack of imagination. It would be best if you work smarter as an artist but no harder and be able to think outside the box beyond what others cannot see. Every person has tremendous potential inside them. Whichever way you choose to explore your creativity will determine your success. Learn to accept challenges you stumble on along the way and fight the fear of failures if you want to prosper in your creativity.

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