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Artistic Self-Confidence – What is it and how to increase it.

Increase Your Artistic Self-Confidence

How often do you compare your work with the fantastic job other people are doing or posting on social channels or specific websites, and then you don’t like your work anymore and feel terrible? 

It can happen to all of us to only like two of the seven works we made and only post those two. And then you don’t feel proud or excited about any of them. We can have moments where we doubt we can get back into creative mood any time soon. If we let these negative thoughts and disappointment to convince ourselves that we are not good enough, it can stop us creating our best works or even prevent us from making anything at all. 

The source of this problem is the lack of artistic self-confidence. Doesn’t matter how unique and fantastic other people art is, Artistic Confidence is what will make us create our work in our way. This will allow us not to care what other people think about our work.

The belief in ourselves and our abilities means we are confident not by believing we are an art god. It means the ability to love our art for where it is now at this moment. Artistic self-

confidence means the belief, trust, and faith that we can create something unique and love it.

Better Skills leads to More Confidence -> More Confidence leads to better Skills. 

Confidence is what will make us keep going when we are in doubt, and to improve our skills; we need to have confidence. Having excellent skills without confidence, we will think that we are not good enough, and we will stop creating. If we have great confidence but not excellent skills we will never improve because we believe that we don’t need to grow and work on our weak points and at some point, we’ll get bored and stop creating. We require one to own the other one.

However, if confidence is the belief in our knowledge and abilities, then to have confidence, we must have ability and skills.

How do we get in that cycle if we are not confident or don’t have the skills?  How can we believe and trust in our abilities, if we don’t have the skills to express well? And how will we get the skills if we think we are not good enough?

“This is about believing that we live in a loving, kind and abundant Universe instead of one that’s petty, mean, and likes other people more than it likes you. This is about your faith being greater than your fear.” –Jen Sincero


We will make more and more if we see ourselves making good art and good improvement will make us more confident and will keep us growing. 

How do we get confidence at the beginning of the journey, when we don’t possess those excellent skills yet?

Internet is full of gurus who talk about positive thinking, affirmations and gratitude. Yes, these things are helpful, and mindset is essential, but we can’t just say to ourselves in front of the mirror that we are confident if we don’t fully believe it. Real artistic self-confidence will come simply by making art, noticing improvement and continuing to evolve. We become confident by progress. We improve our work by doing more. We do more by being confident and believing in our work. The single piece of this that we can control is doing more work. 

Rather than trying to figure out how to obtain a piece of art that is perfect or how to do something like X or Y does, DO something in your way.

Stop paying attention to the voice inside your head that will make you disappointed with what you created, stop inventing excuses and start something right now. You will never understand where you can go if you don’t begin. Think about your journey like the steps of stairs, don’t feel ashamed about the stage you are at the only way to get up is by doing not just by wishing to be there.

Challenge yourself

Confidence will come if we can prove ourselves that we can do it. Force yourself through the fear of failure and embarrassment by going out of your comfort zone. Put yourself in positions that will gain your growth. Challenge your comfort zone, but be prepared for it. Push yourself to develop a new way and obtain a new future.

We need to determine who we are and what we lack. Find a support group. And permit ourselves to ask for help whenever we need and don’t feel guilty.

Impostor Syndrome

Some artists have difficulty selling and marketing their art, and they feel that it is inadequate. We need to realise that we are specialists in our art and be authentic with our work. 

Compare ourselves to ourselves. There is no reason to compare ourselves with others because everyone is different and unique. It’s like we compare peaches with mangos. If we compare where we are now with where we were a year ago, and we see growth, then guess what? Our artistic self-confidence has grown as well, so we are on the right path. We need to focus on our development and inner self, not on the competition.

If we make some mistakes in the process, we have to analyse the situation, but we don’t have to give up. We must learn what NOT to do next time, learn from the mistakes and challenges we’ve been trough to avoid the same outcome.

Self-confidence it is a mindset, not a one-time goal. Goals are one-time events, and by finishing one, we will find another and so on. When we become self-confident, we can make a difference in our journeys and someone else’s life.

Consider your art as a journey, not a destination.

All art is a process of learning and a journey. If it was a destination, imagine reaching that destination, will you have the motivation to go further? So when we create art better to focus on making every piece of art better than the previous one.

Each day write down your goals. Every morning take a piece of paper and write down all your mini-goals. By having a plan well organized will help you become more confident. I am using this planner I got from the SFM COMMUNITY that I am a proud member, and I strongly recommend you to have a look, do a FREE ACCOUNT, and see if that resonates with you. Soon I will do a full review of everything that they offer; nowadays, it is hard to find something about making money online, that is not a scam, and this community will help you build an online business around your passion if you get in with an open mind.

Never forget why you began.

Remember why you started, for example:

  • I love playing music for people and put a smile on their face.
  • Music brings people together, no racism, no borders, a sea of people dancing, making new friends, having fun and sending an immense amount of energy to the artist they love.
  • I want to create music that will touch the heart of the listener and will fill his body with a good vibe.

Just these three reasons will motivate me to keep going and never quit. 

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Artistic Self-Confidence

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