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This blog is not about my life story, so I'll keep it short and straightforward. My real Name is Dragos Gabriel Dumitru, and I'm an electronic music DJ and producer from Romania, I've studied Audio Engineering in Milan, then moved to London for five years. It was an excellent life experience, but because of my music career, I have considered it is better to move to Bucharest, where I live now.

My mission with this blog is to share everything that I believe is valuable out of my head and hoping that it might help and inspire other people out there.

When you do some research and learn new skills, you already own valuable information for someone who's just starting. I will try to share what I find to be useful in this process of growing and organizing it in regular posts. Each of us has different life experiences, and I believe that whatever you might think is ordinary and evident for you, others can find it inspiring and very helpful.

With this blog, I'm also building a business around my passion and whatever I consider valuable. I will share and recommend some products and courses on the way that I already did, and I will be joining in educating myself and growing.

Everyone should be passionate about something that is never getting tired. If you don't know which is your passion yet, try to find out what is that even if you do it, 24h/day will not feel enough.
I believe this will be useful for everyone around the world; it doesn't matter what kind of art they do or whatever job they have. In my experience, I learned that having a job and working on my music after is overwhelming and is affecting our mindset. Some people even quit on their beautiful visions and stick to their 9 to 5 for safety. I think that if I make it work, everyone can follow my journey, and I'm sure the world will be a better place if everyone will do what they love most and bring value to the world. A laptop and internet are all you need to have a positive impact on others.
Building this blog might not be an easy process, but in my opinion, it is worth committing, putting some effort into learning and sharing for a while. This type of action can lead to having geographical freedom and many more advantages. I'm willing to step out of my comfort zone like many other times, again, with this blog. The only way to grow is to fight my fears. By helping others, will make me feel even more fulfilled like Tony Robbins is saying:

Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure.

Will this website be able to help you?